What's New in PC-DMIS 2018 R2? QuickPath Tool

QuickPath PC-DMIS 2018 R2

Take the tedium out of routine creation with QuickPath

QuickPath will add Tips & Moves automatically as you create the routine.

This is achieved by combining our popular QuickFeature, Auto Wrist, Clearance Move, and Path Drawing technology into one workflow.


To activate QuickPath, press the highlighted button on the QuickMeasure toolbar.
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Whilst active, and when in DCC mode, automatic checks take place during QuickFeature creation to insert any necessary move points and tips.
The clearance move algorithm will not always solve. In these cases a move/relearn is added.
The tip selection uses the long proven auto wrist feature, recommending the best tip to use for the feature in hand.
At all times, the path is graphically displayed so problem areas can be quickly identified and corrected.

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QuickPath is a great productivity booster for measurement routine creation.

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Mon Jul 16 17:15:02 GMT 2018